We can all agree that being single tends to suck for most people, especially in our modern dating culture. However, being single can be a great opportunity to spice up our travels while we’re on the road. A constant flow of like-minded, adventurous people from all over, exciting new surroundings, and an entirely new world ripe for exploration can stimulate our more romantic sides to come out and play.

Here are some tips that might help you attract a bit of romance while on the road:

A Fresh Start

Traveling can help us turn a new leaf on our past. Whatever happened to you in the past, whatever wounds weigh you down, leave them at home while traveling. No one knows who you were, all they know is your present. You can be fresh, you can be new, you can be you! 

As long as you present yourself as a fun, sociable, open, confident, and interesting person, you’re 90% in. The rest is all up to the universe and the fortunes of war. 

Traveling is all about being in the moment and savoring what life has to offer. There’s a certain sensuality to the act of letting go and feeling, something that might put you in contact with that sensuality you carry within yourself as well.

Turn On The Romance

Kissing while lying on white-sand beaches? Coconut palms flowing gently in the wind? Feeling the sun on your skin and the fresh scent of the sea in your hair?  What more do you need to feel romantic?

Exotic, vibrant destinations are the perfect background for the flourishing of love or even a wanderlust-fueled fling. Adapt to your surroundings and let loose those hips! Are you traveling through Latin America? Go salsa dancing! Traveling Europe? A night walk through the streets of Munich or Paris can be an escapade in itself.

Remember that romance is more about how you see life and how you live it than what you’re doing. You’re traveling! What can be more romantic than that? 

Explore Together

Every traveler wants to see the sights and go exploring. Most people would welcome the company of others to share the moment and create memories with someone else, which makes it the perfect excuse for going out with someone who’s caught your eye.

Another advantage of going to see the sights with a potential love interest is that moving among multiple locations lends an outing the sensation of being longer than it actually was. This is probably one of the reasons why intimacy is formed so quickly and intensely while traveling.

The act of exploring together and living what your destination has to offer is a playful one. Whether you’re looking for a relationship or a hook-up, the ability to be playful is something that will spice up any encounter.

Go explore! Isn’t that the purpose of life anyway?

Cultural differences make for playful banter

In comedy, one of the basic techniques is to use comparisons between two completely separate things to make funny observations. Culture, as one of the things that divide us the most, can ironically also be used to bring us together— in love and in laughter.

Comparing your culture to someone else’s has great comedic potential. You could even take things to the next level by flirtily discussing how you each flirt differently. Extolling what you find exotic in others and vice-versa can be sexy!

Who knows? Maybe in a few hour’s time you’ll be comparing differences in kissing culture.

Play your strengths

Depending on their culture, everyone has a flirting style they’re used to. Women from Latin cultures, for example, require quite a bit of romancing to win them over. On the other hand, if you cook the chicken for too long with American or European women, you might go hungry that night! Men from some cultures might be more forward and brazen while others might tend towards the shy end of the spectrum.

We each have strengths to play according to the culture we were born with. Play those strengths to your advantage. Are you a great dancer? Invite someone out dancing! Are you good at flirty talk? Woo someone over with your words. “If you have it, flaunt it,” is one of the great maxims of the amorous arts.

You have something to bring to the table, so put it out there! There’s a fish for every hook!

People are more open and receptive while they’re traveling

Since people are away from their routines and the things they’re used to while traveling, they become more open and receptive by necessity. We usually make a point of doing things we usually wouldn’t do while we’re on the road such as dancing to music we don’t know or trying new foods.

Travel opens us up by necessity and for pleasure. You can’t fully enjoy a new place if you’re closed off. The very act of finding yourself in the unknown helps heighten sensations and tastes. Opening our minds is a great first step for opening your heart.

Traveling is also the perfect environment for going out with beautiful people you meet on the road. Dinners of exotic dishes, adventures, dancing the night away or simply just exploring and enjoying the company of an attractive person… everything’s a potential date when you’re on the road!

Be yourself

Nothing turns people off more than someone trying too hard to be someone they’re clearly not. It’s something that rings true wherever we go. Not only is carrying a mask around damned uncomfortable (and hard to check into your carry-on at airports), it’s exhausting. Very few people will care about your material possessions, your job title or whatever other social masks you wear back home. 

People naturally enjoy the company of others who feel at ease with themselves. If you’re comfortable with you, it’s like as not others will be too. No one knows who you are, so just be yourself.

Besides, what might turn off people in one part of the world might turn on someone at the other end of the planet. 

Be open

When you’re hanging out in hostels, coffee shops or bars, especially while traveling solo, your ability to be open to meeting people will go a long way towards meeting a potential lover. You never know when you’re going to meet that special someone!

Venturing forth with an open heart is as vulnerable as it gets. It’s one of the strongest indicators of confidence. You’ll find that you’re more joyful and living life to the fullest, with courage. People find that ability to be candid about your feelings and desires to be irresistibly sexy! 

So keep an open heart, you never know when love is right around the corner.

Have any other tips or insights that might help travelers be more romantic on their journeys? Be sure to comment and let us know below!