Books by Miguel Yga

The Embrace of Silence

A Story of Hope & Healing During the Guatemalan Civil War

Camila and Olivia Cutzal are two Kaqchikel Maya sisters living in the heart of the Guatemalan highlands at the height of the country’s brutal civil war. Their world is shattered when their parents disappear at the hands of soldiers, turning them into orphans in the midst of a war and setting them up for a lifelong journey to heal the unhealable.

The Embrace of Silence tells a moving true story of the lonely paths we walk on the road back to wholeness. By delving into their painful past, the Cutzal sisters break the silence of the Guatemalan Civil War to remind us of our capacity to bring light to the darkest recesses within ourselves in this compelling testimony to the resilience of the human spirit.

The Embrace of Silence Book Cover