The Guide to Travel Romance

We can all agree that being single tends to suck for most people, especially in our modern dating culture. However, being single can be a great opportunity to spice up our travels while we’re on the road. A constant flow

The Subtle Reason Why We Travel

Travel is one of those things that don't really need a justification. Like many of life's great pleasures, we simply do it for its own sake. However, throughout my own journey, I’ve come to realize that there’s a subtle reason

10 lessons I learned from my first expedition

It’s a cold December afternoon, but it’s still sunny in Hermosillo, Sonora, in northern Mexico. I’ve just been dropped off at the airport by one of the new friends I made during my more than a month long trip staying

The Joys of Giving Someone the Local Tour

We don't exactly need to go ranging off into the horizon in order to find that much-needed dose of adventure that we need to survive modern life. Besides, aren’t you just tired of being at the receiving end of everyone

12 Reasons To Travel More

Travel is definitely its own reward. You really don’t need a reason to stand up, buy a plane ticket to somewhere where you’ve never been before and have a new and awesome experience. Nevertheless, there are some fringe reasons why

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